GET THE GEAR! Introducing Myzone Training at Lift!

Your MyZone Heart Rate Monitor 

How To Set Up Your Device
Register your belt online:
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How to set up your Myzone: You will be prompted to enter information into your app including your Facility ID (LIFTUS001) and Belt ID (on the box and on the back of device). More training videos below.


MyZone Rankings

The following members earned rank advancements based on intensity and consistency. Members receive 1-4 points per minute they exercise based on their effort level, called Myzone Effort Points. When members meet their monthly goal of 1,300 MEPs, they begin to rank advance depending on how long they stick to their routine.


How MEPs and RANKINGS work:

Myzone Set Up and Training

How to use your app

Tips and Tricks Web Page:

User Tips YouTube PLAYLIST - 25 helpful instructional videos to help you make the most of your myzone