Welcome to LIFT!


Here is your success pack!

Get the most of this program by studying the materials and putting them into practice. 

TO-DO LIST (Before you start)

1. Do your inbody body composition analysis (on empty stomach, NOT after a workout). Walk-ins welcome. Takes 5 minutes max.

2. Register your Myzone (Facility Code is LIFTUS001) belt: https://www.myzonemoves.com/register/

3. Sync your Myzone belt with your app under the WORKOUT section and test in the gym before your first class. https://myzone.org/getting-started/ 

4. Input your inbody stats into your Myzone BODY METRICS section (swipe left to update information) 

5. Start logging your food Click the link below to get more diet help.

Want to learn more?

Download and print our boot camp workbook and study it. This is everything we'd teach any of our clients if we could sit down with them one on one. This workbook goes into greater detail than the welcome packet. It's not long, but it will help you get the most out of your program. Put it in a binder, make notes and test the principles.

LIFT Uses the Myzone System

CLICK HERE to shop myzone heart rate monitors
CLICK HERE to set up your myzone.
Your Myzone Facility Code is LIFTUS01

Click on the logo to learn more!

Click on the logo to learn more!

Click on the logo to learn more!

Click on the logo to learn more!

Get Nutritional Support!

Need nutrition help? We use Isagenix all-natural nutrition products to help support weight loss, improved performance and overall health. 

  • Weight Loss

  • Cleanse

  • Performance

  • Energy

  • Anti-Aging


1. Join Our private LIFT Facebook Support Group: 

2. Connect on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/liftvero/

3. LIFT hashtag: Use #LiftVero


Apps To Help You Reach Your Goals:

1. Myzone app: https://myzone.org/myzone-app/

2. Lose It! to track your calories: https://www.loseit.com/

3. Zen Planner to manage classes: https://zenplanner.com/product/member-mobile-app/